stone (ston/ noun)

1. the hard, solid, nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, esp. as a building material. "the houses are built of stone"

The durability of stone makes a fitting element and artistic option for home design and or remodeling.

GRANITE is most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms; sinks, islands and countertops. It comes in several colors and varieties. No two granite slabs will every be the same.

QUARTZ, SLATE and SOAPSTONE are fiting options for kitchens that can provide a custom, unique and durable design.

MARBLE can be used as an option for flooring, sinks, walls, vanities, tubs, backsplashes and more. Marble is durable and has a timeless and elegant look.

LIMESTONE AND TRAVERTINE are also very popular options used widely and an alternative cost-effective option.

Selecting a stone and a stone finish is also an important aspect of a project. Lutz Tile will works with all designs, large or small and all budgets. We have something for just about everyone.